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Hawaiian Paradise Park Subdivision Map

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Hawaiian Paradise Park (also known as HPP) is located in the Puna District of East Hawaii, approximately 15 miles southeast of Hilo. This subdivision fronts State Highway 130 and stretches 4 miles to the Pacific Ocean and is 3 1/2 miles wide. Directly across from the Hawaiian Paradise Park subdivision, on the other side of the highway, is the subdivision of Orchidland Estates.

Hawaiian Paradise Park (HPP) is located in Hawaii County at latitude 19.593 and longitude -154.973. The elevation is 148 feet. Hawaiian Paradise Park had a population of 7,051 with 2,671 housing units; a land area land area of 15.05 sq. miles; and a population density of 468.65 people per sq. mile for Census 2000.

Hawaiian Paradise Park is the second largest private subdivision in the United States with over 8800 building lots, most of which are one acre in size. The average one acre rectangular lot measures 322.67 ft x 135 ft . The lots nearest the ocean are generally half that. Most of Hawaiian Paradise Park is zoned "Ag-1" (Agricultural 1 acre). The subdivision has not been fully developed and there is a good mixture of homes and vacant lots. There are about 7,000 residents in Hawaiian Paradise Park. Some homes are also successful vacation rentals. Most lots in Hawaiian Paradise Park are 1 acre and have beenHPP Aerial zoned agricultural.

Most of the residences use a water catchment system to collect water run-off from the roof of the house into a large tank somewhere on the lot. Most people prefer it since they can control what goes into their water as opposed to what the county adds.  Most tanks hold at least 10,000 gallons of water. Some of the roads closest to the highway have county water and a few people down by the ocean have drilled wells. There is electricity throughout the subdivision although there are some areas with no houses and therefore no power poles.

The main roads of the Hawaiian Paradise Park are Kaloli Drive, Shower Drive, Paradise Drive, and Makuu Drive (don’t forget to check out the Makuu Farmer’s Market every Sunday).


These roads are paved throughout and run all the way to the ocean. Most of the smaller crossroads in the subdivision are currently cinder, and are reddish in color because of the liberal mixture of lava bits in the ground. The subdivision has many different plants where you will find many wild orchids, ferns, native trees, palms, and fragrant plants.

HPP is beautiful and diverse! There are areas of tall trees and other areas that are more "open". There are wet areas as well as dry. The closer to the ocean, the drier it is. There are wild orchids growing everywhere. There are wild avocado, mango and guava trees. Building a house in the midst of such lush variety can certainly give one a sense of tranquility and peace.

Some macadamia nut trees and papaya trees have been planted and quite a few nurseries have sprung up. There are plenty of orchid farms and some people have horses or greenhouses in their back yard, but mostly, the houses in the subdivision are just residential homes with with very large backyards. This is an excellent opportunity to build a house for yourself or for an investment!

Hawaiian Paradise Park Subdivision Map

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