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6 Factors in Getting your Property Sold!

There are six primary reasons a property does or does not sell. The considerations listed below are important factors in determining your property’s actual worth in a market, as well as how attractive it is to potential buyers. Once it is time to sell your property, your Island Trust Properties agent will walk you through each of these considerations to help you give your property a strong position in the selling market.

1. Location. A seller cannot control the location of their property, but this is an important pricing consideration.

2. Market Condition. The market must be accurately analyzed to assure that your home is competitive with other like properties. A seller cannot control the market, but can control where their property is placed within an existing market. Island Trust Properties agents continually study the market and are experts at helping sellers place their property competitively within the selling market.

3. Terms of Sale. Terms must be as attractive as possible. The easier a seller makes it for someone to purchase their property, the faster it will sell.

4. Condition of the Home. It is the seller’s responsibility to make their property is as appealing as possible. The seller’s agent is a useful resource for suggesting ways this can be done.

5. Price. Appropriate market placement is essential! All of the factors listed above are important price considerations, and are meant to assist the seller in arriving at an appropriate asking price for their property.

6. Marketing. It is difficult to sell a home that no one knows about. Exposure is key. Island Trust Properties agents realize this and work with their clients to promote their property in the best way possible to target potential buyers.

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